Training & Consultancy in Systems Thinking

 Discover your organisation's weaknesses - so you can make them stronger. Systems thinking process improvement consultancy and training services

We teach leaders how to design and manage work, creating organisations that customers want to do business with and employees want to work for, whilst reducing your operating costs.

We help you make your business more resilient to changes in market forces, legislation, customer behaviour and economic downturns.

With the help of our consultants:

  • Our clients have improved their service by 74%-200%

  • Our client's productivity has increased, on average, by 30%

  • Our clients have saved between £75k and £2 million

What We Do:

  • Improve the end to end customer experience. This supports less effort for the customer which leads to greater customer loyalty and growth
  • Achieve reductions in operating costs through increases in capacity, thus providing an alternative to outsourcing
  • Create proven and lasting improvements in productivity and staff morale through better work design
  • Help redesign operations to make sure that they support and deliver the organisational strategy
  • Support organisational growth through flawless sales processes

Using the Vanguard Systems Thinking Method, customers have saved millions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros, turned around customer service, won national awards and gained competitive advantage.

To get started take a look at our services.

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